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Statement by the Curator

by Peter Campus
Director Emeritus, 80WSE

These are six lines crossing at one point, at this time, at this place. The lines have different origins, different lengths, different vectors. Like the detective in Jorge Luis Borges ‘Death and the Compass’ (La Muerte y la Brújula) I look for meaning in these coincidences.

Alejandro Cesarco
Seoungho Cho
Nayda Collazo-Llorens
Jaime Davidovich
Beryl Korot
Jason Varone

I have applied the same level of intuition in my choices of artists as I do in the making of my own art work, believing that intuition (by any other name) consists of non deductive processes, and is the secret to the brain’s potential power. If you care to believe, as I do for this moment, in right brain left brain differences, then these choices come from my right hemisphere, floating through the hyperspace of synapses picking up congruencies here and there.

Although a video show, by that I mean, one in which there is video, it would be just as correct to call it an art show. All these six people make art. It is their interest, their belief. I have followed the art work of each for at least a decade; I’ve seen the work twist and turn, and then fall back on itself. For most this represents a development along a strand or multiple strands of inquiry. With some the connection is through text, with others painting, but really those connections are superficial. In each there is the line of inquiry, the pursuit of truth expressed in the craft of the video medium.

Ananda Kentish Kumaraswami, writing about the Dance of Shiva in ‘The Transformation of Nature in Art’ talks of balance in great art, an art that has the qualities of physicality, mentality, emotionality and spirituality. These artists attempt to achieve that balance.